Karla from Karla's Closet

I came across Karla's Closet recently and have been blown away by her style. I am not someone who raves about random people. Really. But there are many reasons why I heart her.
1. Her hair. Its a bold statement.
2. She is not a stick insect. She got a normal woman's body and does not look emancipated in any of the pictures. Inspite of that, each of her outfits look stylish and yet beautiful in a classic way.
3. She's got a really nice way of putting simple things together and then adding a subtle twist to it. Totally my thing!
4. Last but not the least. She does not try too hard, with her outfits or even for her camera posing.

Here's a collage of a few looks of her that i liked.

ImageCredit:Karla's Closet


  1. Thank u so much! very sweet of u :)))

  2. Hey,great blog
    I love Karla <3

  3. hey gauri...
    i loved all ur posts...got to knw abt many things that are happening in fashion industry....keep posting:)

  4. great choice, i need to do a collage myself of my fav looks of karla.that lace up dress with the oversize blazer i'm getting it custom made, ive been obsessing over it since she posted it, and i can't wait until it's done!!


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