Random things about random stuff

Hmm.. so I have nothing to say and nothing to upload! So what shall I blog about? I could talk about some really profound thoughts but really.. who wants any profoundness these days? So random petty things then..

Been checking blogs and seems Garance Dore has the same problem as me! She does not like her own pictures and believes she looks better in real life! :) Bang on! Danny Roberts is rocking as ever. He loves to draw and thats what he does! If life was so simple for all, we would have many more happy poeple around us! But then mostly we are scared to do what we love and definitely don't love what we do! Here's lil bit awesomeness from him.

One noteworthy incident has been discovery of a leather slingbag at my aunts house! Conversation went on something like this. She goes 'Is this bag any good?' I go 'Umm.. Its got the vintage look' She goes 'It is vintage. Been lying with me for 10 years!' I go (in my mind) 'Some vintage is better than no vintage'(out loud) ' Can i have it?' YEY and now i have a nice leather slingbag. Life is fair. Feels good.(Pics to be uploaded soon)

BTW I keep coming across pictures of these 2 angelic twins everywhere! Is there any way to filter them out? Cause their beauty and serenity chokes me. Actually I am surprised to be alive till today!


On a random note yet again, anyone seen this pic from sartorialist? I like this fellow in the picture! He got real style. I dun even know any women who can pull this off. And trust me, women can get away with a lot.

ImageCredit:The Sartorialist


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