Charlotte Perriand

An inspiration can come from anywhere. The last place I expect it to come from is from an exhibit. Mainly because exhibits are pretentious. Well, at least most of the times.

I was lucky to be in Zurich around the time there was a Charlotte Perriand Show at the Gestaltung Museum. First of all, the exhibition was beautifully planned & curated. And Charlotte's work is one of the most inspiring I have ever seen. Her acute sense of awareness for all things around & her interpretation of this into wonderful objects, art, photography, furniture, jewellery. Certain pieces were so modern that the fact that they were designed in the 1930s stumped me. I won't be exaggerating by saying I almost cried.

Another surprise was Charlotte's wonderful sense of styling herself, maybe not so much a surprise since good taste is an inherent quality that goes hand in hand with good aesthetics.


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